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Best Top 10 Running Shoes In India Under 5000.


Running is considered as one of the best exercises in the world. If you are good at running or even do it unwillingly for health purpose then my friend you are going to have some great health benefits during your lifetime.

When it comes to running then no equipment no accessory nothing matters as long as you have a good and reliable pair of running shoes. To be a good or even a great runner you do not need anything apart from good shoes. If running is your life then shoes are like water to you. A good pair of shoes can help you prevent injuries, increase your running speed, increase your stamina, and make you a good runner overall.

Usually running shoes comes in different range of shapes and designs suited to different running styles/abilities. Generally, they are segregated by running style: the majority are for heel-toe joggers/runners which are further subdivided into ‘neutral’, ‘over pronation’ and ‘under pronation’. These are made with a complex structure of “rubber” with plastic/metal stiffeners to prevent foot movement. More expert runners tend to wear flatter and flexible shoes, which gives them the freedom to run quicker with greater comfort.

Even the experts have agreed to the point that when it comes to running the only external object that can help you be a better runner are a good pair of shoes. In this article we are going to give you information on what are some of the best running shoes in India under 5000. When it comes to running shoes India is filled with both local as well as international brands. As a consumer one is always confused to weather to go for an expensive branded shoe or to go for an economical Indian brand which has been ever reliable.

Nike, adidas, Puma, Reebok, Asics, Sketchers etc. are some of the famous international brands that have proved their mettle. On the other hand domestic brands like Action, Lee cooper, Sparx, Bata etc. have also increased their standards and are well in contention for a good shoe brand. But In this article we are going to give you best running shoes under 5000 be if from an international brand or from a domestic brand.


Below is the list of some of the best running shoes in India under 5000.


  1. ASICS Men Navy Patriot 8 Running Shoes.

If not the best this is one the best running shoes out there in Indian market. Asics is the best brand in the world when it comes to running shoes. Although not as popular as a Nike or Adidas, Asics is well renowned for their specialization in running shoes. Asics shoe are well known for their breathability and sole comfort.  Runners all around the world recommend Asics as these not just help you on small jogs but also these help serious runners who run marathons. Asics may not have been able to establish itself in India in as big a way as Adidas and Nike have done but internationally more than 50% of serious runners use Asics only. Its GT 3000 series is an award winning running shoe series which has won many accolades to Asics. The patriot 8 model shown here is also one of the best from Asics , this shoe just crosses the criteria of Running Shoe under 5000 but it has the quality and features of much more value. So if you are a serious runner or are planning to be one then definitely you can go for this shoe without second thoughts.


  1. Nike Men Blue FS Lite Run 4 Running Shoes.

Nike as we all know it one of the most established shoe brands in the world, arguably the best shoe making company in the world Nike has proved itself in Indian market as well with great quality product and a wide range of shoes to choose from. The one thing that Nike has done right in the Indian market is to not compromise on quality. Most of the international brands on arrival to India has usually made relaxation on their quality due to stiff competition and highly competitive Indian market. Nike is also one of the most trusted brands on the world with most of the top sports personalities vouching for the company. This Nike Men Blue FS Lite Run 4 Running shoe is one of the top selling running shoe in india. The lite run series is hugely popular among joggers as the shoe is very light weight and durable. This shoe has Cushioned foot bed, Co-molded midsole, Textured and waffle patterned outsole with flex grooves, has rubber pods and contoured heel to provide maximum comfort to the feet while running.


  1. ASICS Men Black & Neon Green GT-1000 5 Running Shoes.

Another Asics shoe makes it to Top 5 in the list of best running shoe in India under 5000. This goes on to show how dominant is Asics in the running shoes department. Although it may not be the leader in the sports shoe segment but it sure does makes a dent when it comes to running shoes. This shoe has Thick midsole engineered with OUOMAX and SpEVA technologies it has Textured and patterned rubber outsole, engineered with GEL, GUIDANCELINE and AHAR+ technologies. In short it’s a well-built shoe made, prioritizing running only. Now this shoe comes with one of the most famous patented technology of Asics which is GEL. It is said that this GEL technology pushes you back with more force while running which in turn makes you less tired after running for miles. Again if you are looking to do some serious running then you can definitely go for this shoe without second thoughts.

  1. Adidas Men Teal Blue DURAMO LITE Running Shoes.

Adidas is one of the most renowned brands in the shoe industry. This German brand is second to none when it comes to latest technologies and development in shoes. Usually more associated with fashion and lifestyle Adidas has lately put it more efforts when it comes to running shoes. Associating itself with arguably the best footballer of all time Lionel Messi Adidas has gone from strength to strength when it comes to sports shoe. Here as well Adidas Men Teal Blue DURAMO LITE Running Shoes has made it to top 5 of the Best running shoes of India under 5000. This shoe is extremely comfortable, very light weight and has a tough sole. This shoe has Cushioned footbed and comes with Textured and patterned outsole with ADIWEAR technology. If you like casual running and are not too deeply involved in marathons then this is a perfect fit for you.


  1. PUMA Men Blue Heritage v4 IDP H2T Running Shoes.

Another renowned German brand who is considered a pioneer in shoe technology. Puma has associated itself with fastest man on planet (Usain Bolt) and they mean business when it comes to running shoes. Fairly dominant in India shoe industry Puma has carved a niche for itself in the running shoe segment. With Indian superstars like Virat kholi promoting the brand in India the company has launched a ferocious campaign to capture the fairly large running shoe market in India. This shoe has Mesh upper
Cushioned footbed ,Textured outsole with patterned lugs to provide extreme breathability for the runner. This is a best shoe for intermediate runners who are thinking to give serious running a good shot. The shoe comes with a 3 month warranty.


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