Best VR Headset India 2017

Are you planning to buy a new VR (Virtual Reality) Headset? We will help you decide which headset to buy at the most affordable price with our handpicked list of “Best Vr Headsets India”.

Can you imagine just how far have come in technology? Just 10 years ago televisions were huge with ugly ass designs and look at it now, it’s as thin as a 5th-grade student’s English Textbook and does an even more amazing job than its predecessors.

Now Its the age of the Virtual Reality(Short Form VR). It’s like a wearable television which can turn our smartphone mobile into a Planetarium or completely take you to a new place.

Isn’t it just awesome?

Our Top Picks for Best VR Headsets India in 2017

SaleBestseller No. 1
Ocular Swift Virtual Reality Glasses – Fully Adjustable VR Headset with 42 MM Lenses - Compatible With 4.5”-6” Android Smartphones, iPhone, Samsung Galaxy, Lenovo, HTC, Micromax, Xiaomi, Redmi, Moto, One Plus – VR Glasses For 360 Videos, 3D Movies, VR Pictures, VR Games - Inspired by Google Cardboard, Oculus Rift, Shinecon, Samsung Gear.
  • UNIQUE & COMFORTABLE DESIGN: Ocular Swift VR glasses have a fully flexible design that allows you to make necessary adjustment through lens distance adjustment mechanical knobs. The compact design entails you with fast installation of your smartphone & heat dissipation for extended VR experience. The unique design allows you to access the camera of your phone & easy connectivity with the earphones. Extra room for eye glasses allows all sort of people to enjoy the mesmerizing 3D Experience!!
  • EXCLUSIVELY DESIGNED TO PROVIDE ENDLESS COMFORT: The Device incorporates super soft cushioning for your face & well placed ventilation holes for heat dissipation of your smartphone. The glasses are also equipped with comfortable elastic head-strap, which is completely adjustable from 3 ends to distract pressure from the bridge of your nose & your face. The distortion proof HD lenses reduce the eye fatigue, which in-turn eliminates the incidence of simulator sickness and offers unparalleled FOV!!
  • BIGGEST 42 MM SUPERIOR QUALITY LENSES: We have carefully chosen the high-quality HD optical resin lenses with 8 layer nano coating, which helps in reducing glare & prevents from any eyestrain. These crystal-clear lenses are the largest lenses available & help the Device in generating sensations to replicate a real environment or an imaginary setting and stimulate your physical presence in this environment to enable you to interact with this space and enjoy expanded FOV, surpassing 100 degrees!!
  • EXTENSIVE SMARTPHONE COMPATIBILITY: The Ocular Swift VR Glasses are compatible with most of the smartphones available in the market. Operating system of the smartphone (IOS, Android, Windows, etc.) is no bar for this device. The Swift Headset can house smartphones with a screen size of 4.5"-6" like iPhone / Samsung / Lenovo Vibe K4 Note / Lenovo Vibe K5 Note / HTC / Micromax / Xiaomi / Redmi / LG / Moto / One Plus / Sony!!
  • ENTHRALL YOURSELF IN A DELIGHTFUL 3D EXPERIENCE: Ocular Swift VR Box with a unique design is lightweight & portable, which entails you with extended & comfortable Super 3-Dimensional Visual Sensation & Immersive Gaming Experience. You can enjoy the High Definition IMAX Cinema Effect, score a goal in a soccer game as if you were a part of it or embark on a virtual roller coaster ride to experience the thrill on your personal Ocular VR Glasses at your convenience!!
Bestseller No. 3
Portronics POR-714 Saga VR Box Virtual Reality Headsets with ultra - superior quality polished HD optical lenses 3d glasses for mobile,high quality vr box
  • Virtual Reality Headsets with ultra - superior quality polished HD optical lenses to take you in a different visual world.
  • A unique viewing experience of 360 videos will immerse you in the virtual world of numerous 3D and VR games.
  • The SAGA series of VR Headset offers an unparalleled Field of View (FOV) with wide refraction range of -5000 to 2000 to let the users have the best VR immersion experience.
  • The phone holder in the Saga series VR can easily accommodate the mobile phones having screen sizes from 4.6 to 6.0 inches and is compatible with all Android and iOS phones.
  • The Saga series VR headsets have the firm leather strap headbands to keep the device safely in place even during rigorous head movements. Also, the headband is adjustable to best fit different face types and head sizes in the entire family - from kids to grownups.
Bestseller No. 4
IRUSU MONSTER VR headset - with Bluetooth Remote .The best calibrated Virtual Reality headset with 42MM HD Resin lenses. VR glasses for leading mobile brands like Apple iphone 6 and plus, Samsung, Xiaomi,Lenovo,Oneplus,Moto, LG, nexus,Google Pixel,LeEco le2 and other mobiles that has gyroscope.
  • BIGGEST 42MM HD RESIN LENSES - Polarized , calibrated and Anti Fogging technology, Monster VR is more immersive ,with larger FOV and reduced window effect.Perfectly calibrated lenses with tons of google VR apps, with our QR code, turn your mobile into a VR zone , with high light transmittance for superior and unmatched VR experience.
  • FREE REMOTE( Youtube Link: ) and MAGNETIC CLICKER: Now it cannot get better than this.We are bundling VR headset with a Free remote ( We are introducing a more advanced bluetooth remote now ) and clicker for maximum compatibility. The remote can be used when mobiles doesn't have magnetometer and clicker when there is magnetometer on mobile. Even it can be used to connect to your other android or IOS devices and can be utilized for various tasks listed under manual.
  • NEW DESIGN - Design meets performance - Curved ergonomic design with stylish front bezel, super face foam protector,Human design Headstrap, ideal heat dissipating design Ventilation with removable front tray , Bigger Side Slots are convenient for inserting earphone and charging,Improved mobile holder for easy phone insertion.FULLY ADJUSTABLE LENSES: It is adjustable on pupil distance and object distance with individual lenses for different eye sights .
  • ALL VR IN ONE PLACE : Get our App " Irusu VR Zone " to have all the VR apps at one place.We have done an extensive research in providing latest and hottest apps at one place by collaborating with top VR developers across globe, to give our buyers the top notch stuff.Get it now from playstore just type in "IRUSU".
  • COMPATIBILITY - ( The remote does not work properly with latest IOS 10.2 version ) The mobiles should have Gyroscope , accelerometer for head tracking.The FREE MAGNETIC CLICKER works with mobiles Magnetometer.
SaleBestseller No. 5
Procus ONE Virtual Reality Headset - 42MM Lenses- Fully Adjustable VR Glasses ,Black
  • FREE VR GAME - ISOLATED WORTH Rs. 500 || After 6 months of hard work, PROCUS proudly presents to you ISOLATED. An hour long spine chilling HORROR VR GAME that comes with FREE with PROCUS devices. View game details | HOW TO DOWNLOAD: and enter Amazon ID to download for Android devices. NOTE: You would need Bluetooth Gamepad Stingray to play the game.
  • THE BIGGEST 42MM LENSES VIRTUAL REALITY HEADSET ON THE MARKET: Procus ONE is proud to present you with the pair of VR glasses featuring the largest lenses available! Measuring at 42 mm, you can enjoy an expanded Field Of View, surpassing 100 degrees! Wearing our headset offers a fully immersive viewing experience, allowing you to stream movies and pictures, play video games and enjoy your phone's apps like you've never had before!
  • CUSTOMER SUPPORT: 0172-5041140 MONDAY TO FRIDAY |||| EYE SAFETY & VIEWING COMFORT: We've gone to great lengths to protect your vision, without compromising your viewing experience. Our VR glasses are made with superior quality, polished HD optical resin lenses with 8 layer nano coating, imported to India through special orders to outfit our headset. Our glasses' lenses offer an unparalleled FOV, while they also reduce eye strain and glare, affording prolonged, comfortable headset wear.
  • PORTABLE & CONVENIENT: This VR headset can be worn while wearing glasses and also be effortlessly adjusted to cater to those with nearsightedness or farsightedness, too! With a built-in, IPD - Interpupillary distance adjustment feature and adjustable screen distance, you will make the most out of your headset! Thanks to its comfortable, adjustable leather headband, leather head support and foam face cushioning; our VR headset can be comfortably worn by the entire family!
  • GREAT SMARTPHONE COMPATIBILITY: This superior headset is suitable for most popular smartphone makes and models with 3.5"-6" screens and a gyroscope feature! Compatible brands and phones include, but are not limited to, Apple iPhones, Android smartphones, Samsung phones, Lenovo K4 Note, HTC, LG, Windows phones and much, much more!
Bestseller No. 6
Samsung Gear Inspired V3 Virtual Reality Headset 3D Glasses VR SHINECON Similar to the HABOR VR 3D Headset For iPhone 6s 6 Plus Samsung Galaxy Series - BLACK (With VR Bluetooth Remote)
  • 3D picture of the screen effect pretty good, and you get awesome feelings
  • Flip cover design allows the phone to access freely with suction cups
  • Suitable For iPhone 6S / 6 / For Samsung / For HTC 4.0 - 6 inches screen smartphone
  • Improved lens parameter, eliminating the feel of vertigo
  • Bringing your a private images and theater
SaleBestseller No. 7
Drumstone 3D Vr Box,Virtual Reality Headset Version 2.0 With Bluetooth Wireless Remote Controller Works with all Android or Iphone Devices (1 Year Warranty, Color May Vary)
  • Uses high quality ABS and 42mm diameter spherical resin lens material without stimulation plastic sheet, environmental, high quality, lowering down the distortion to the minimum when magnifying the images and providing wider view; You will not feel visual fatigue and dizzy even you use it for a long time because of the resin lens
  • Easily pull the smart phone storage box out, the put your smart phone in it. Perfectly suitable your face when you wear the 3D VR GLASSES
  • Easy to put your smart phone into the 3D GLASSES - Easily pull the smart phone storage box out, the put your smart phone in it. Perfectly suitable your face when you wear the 3D VR GLASSES Suitable for 4.7-6 inches cell phones-- no more robust movie. Marvelous 3D experience. With 3D glass, you can enjoy the same 3D experience at home with your beloved phone
  • One Year Replacement Warranty.
Bestseller No. 8
Captcha 3D VR Headset Virtual Reality Box With Adjustable Lens And Strap Compatible With All Smartphones
  • Durable and adjustable T-shaped straps make it possible to fit different group of people, from children to adults, what's more, the soft padding in front of the vr cardboard also make it comfortable to wear.
  • Adjustable spherical lens: this 3D gear come with two adjustable lens, allowing you to adjust the focus through moving the button on the top of the VR GLASSES, so you can free up your myopia glasses(under 600 degree)when you enjoy the 3D virtual reality.
  • Experience Virtual Reality: This 3D VRBox 2.0 headsets will bring you to an immersive, fabulous virtual world while you playing games, watching 3D videos, with this 3D VR device you will find the VR world is amazing, if you want your child has an unparalleled childhood or make you different, then this 3D glasses will be your best choice.
  • Product Assistance Available : ( 9am - 9pm, Seven Days a week ) Call/Whatsapp us at : 08802268495
  • 365 Days (or 12 months) Replacement Warranty Available all over India
SaleBestseller No. 9
VR headset with headphones IRUSU PLAY VR PLUS | 3d virtual reality glasses headset NexGen 2017 Virtual reality glasses UPGRADED 42MM Fully Adjustable virtual reality lenses with Magnetic Clicker - The best VR headset with HD Resin lenses . Virtual reality glasses calibrated with leading mobile brands like Apple iphone 6 and plus, Samsung, Xiaomi,Lenovo,Oneplus,Moto, LG, nexus,Google Pixel,LeEco le2 and other mobiles with gyroscope.Experience 360 videos, 3D and VR games like never before.
  • COMPLETE AUDIO AND VISUAL TREAT(Youtube : Irusu Play VR Plus virtual reality 3d vr glasses headset brings the most comprehensive mobile VR headset till date with state-of-the-art design and specifications.Now experience virtual reality in a simple, fun, and affordable way.It's easy to transport yourself with Irusu Play VR Plus,whether you want to play a game, take a virtual tour, or watch a movie, the possibilities are limitless.
  • With the INTEGRATED HEADPHONES , now people have more control and immersiveness in VR like controlling volume and answering phone calls while in VR. INTEGRATED TOUCH BUTTON can be used to trigger/select actions in VR whereever user is required,thus eliminating for an external remote or clicker.
  • BETTER RESULTS: It is adjustable on pupil distance and object distance, Apply to 97% The crowd . It is perfect for people with Low myopia. You can get free from your glasses while enjoy the 3D movies or games with the head mounted display, bringing you better virtual reality experience.
  • USER-FRIENDLY DESIGN:Comfortable headband, super face foam protector, ideal heat dissipating design Ventilation holes are convenient for inserting earphone and charging ,In ine second change your phone into IMAX cinema,just one step to virtual reality world, let you enjoy 3D world at anywhere and anytime
  • COMPATIBILITY : The mobiles should have Gyroscope for 360 VR . Hence if mobiles have this sensor they can start using our vr headset. Enjoy our ALL-IN_ONE virtual reality 3d vr headset for mobile phones. GET ALL VR APPS IN ONE PLACE : and IRUSU VR CINEMA : IRUSU VR ZONE :
Bestseller No. 10
Zebronics ZEB-VR Virtual Reality Headset
  • Ultra-immersive motion sensing game experience
  • Focal length & pupil distance adjustable
  • Extra soft contact pad assure hours of gaming comfort
  • Powerful magnet trigger, compatible with google cardboard
  • More comfortable and durable, enough size for wearing glasses

A while back Google launched its new device called Google  Cardboard. It stirred the world and people were fascinated to see such an amazing invention. Everybody was excited to experience that feeling of just teleporting in a new world. After this, a person just went crazy about VR glasses and headsets. Thanks to Google’s initiative, now you can find a bunch of OEMs manufacturing their own branded Vr Headsets at much cheaper prices.

After this, there was an overflow of companies rolling out their own VR headsets and the market was flooded with these, thanks to Google’s awesome initiative. Various brands like Samsung and Sony started their own series of branded Virtual Reality headsets in India. Due to this the prices of the much costly VR headsets came way down and became available everybody.

Awesome! Simply Awesome!

In between all this chaos of brands and competition, we have handpicked a few VR headsets in India under 1000, under 2000 under 3000 and between 1000 to 3000 which are comparable to The best ones available in the market.

  1. On this page, you will find only the bestselling item which is tried by many users. Therefore you will get the top quality and most value for your money for Virtual Reality headset
  2. Here we bring to you a list of all tried and tested bestselling VR headsets in India which are updated on daily basis to assure your the latest content.
  3. The retailers recommended here have great return policieVRfor VR headset with 100% refund/money back guarantee on every product that you purchase.(Also please to do check the retailer’s policy on this product for the same.)
  4. The handpicked list of VR headsets showcased here has been filtered using hundreds of customer reviews about Virtual Reality headset all over the internet.
  5. Our opinion about VR headset is based on well research product history which is focussed on delivering the best quality reviews to out customers.
  6. If you choose from, you can be assured that you are getting the most reliable and well-analysed list of VR headset.




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